Approved Parts

SUBARU approved parts are manufactured to exacting standards. We go to exceptional lengths to ensure that they meet or exceed the maximum performance required. By choosing Subaru approved equipment, fitted by your Subaru dealer's skilled technicians, you can ensure good value, performance, safety and reliability.

Approved parts - the right choice for your SUBARU

The meticulous tests we carry out on all SUBARU approved parts go further: they extend to other related or connected components too. In this way we know that everything throughout the system will keep working together exactly as intended.

Using approved parts means peace-of-mind

Other third-party pattern parts are often poorly made, inferior quality copies. But SUBARU approved parts will always be same (or better) specification and quality as those fitted when your car was new. Choosing Subaru approved parts provides the option to reduce parts costs for Subaru vehicles over three years old whilst maintaining complete peace-of-mind.

Find approved parts at an authorised SUBARU dealer

As a Subaru owner, you'll want to ensure it is regularly serviced and maintained. Your local SUBARU dealer has specially-trained technicians. Whether you need a winter and summer check or a scheduled service, you can be sure your vehicle will be expertly checked.

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